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South Carolina Seminar

Written by Tom Scott on Monday, August 12, 2013.

South Carolina Seminar

I am doing a seminar for Carolina Karate and Fitness in South Carolina next weekend.  I can’t wait to return to Greenville! I am really looking forward to teaching August 16th and 17th at the Carolina Karate & Fitness Center. Thank you Sensei Tommy Hood for bringing me in! 


Carolina Karate is the home to some new USA Team members and under USA Team Coach Tommy Hood, it has a high-level program in place.  I am really looking forward to working with some of the new US Jr. Team members like Callum Glancey, Preston Huggins, Carly Crawford and of course seeing my longtime USA Senior Teammate Tyler Wolfe!  Greenville has many great memories for me.  It is the place where I first won both Open Weight and the -75kg category for the US Team in 2010 which led to a silver medal at the following Pan American Karate Championships in Open Weight.  And of course it is the home of my former US Teammate and good friend Troy Hirschkorn.


I have some great stuff planned for this one!  I hope you guys are ready to work and get sweaty.  Don’t worry, I will be working too!  I have some trips already planned to ASI to meet up with Keith Scruggs, one of my conditioning coaches as we get ready for the Wado World Championships in London and the World Combat Games in St. Petersburg, Russia.  I’m not taking the weekend off, I’m just involving the people at Carolina Karate and Fitness in my workout!


For more information on the seminar,  you can check out the flyer on this website, or check out the Events page on Carolina Karate and Fitness Facebook page.  I really hope to see a lot of you there! 


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